A Present Your Wife Wasn't Expecting: Rifle Training

Rifle training is available at many shooting ranges and shooting schools, but it's only at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute that you learn all the ins and outs, and how knowing how to fire a rifle is one of the most important aspects of gun training one could ever receive. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight, and he understands that while some Americans may be averse to the idea of rifle training, it is completely necessary and should be taken advantage of by every citizen. Front Sight is located near Las Vegas, Nevada. Front Sight is the nation's leading firearms training institute, training more students each year than all its competitors combined..

He also encourages husbands and wives to buy gun training for their spouses for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. The ability to keep yourself safe and your loved ones safe can't have a price tag attached. Dr. Piazza knows that and so makes all his training, rifle training, shotgun training and handgun training available to all. Take a look at some testimonials to get an idea of what kind of people get Front Sight's training:

"The training I received at Front Sight exceeds all firearms training I received in the military while serving as a Navy Special Warfare Operator."
-Carlos Rojas, Navy Corpsman

"If you are serious about building or improving your skill at arms, take a class at Front
-Palmarin Merges, Artist

"If you plan to exercise the right to own a firearm, then you must get properly trained to use it. Front Sight is the best!"
-Omar Abuabara, Sales

"This is far better training than I've ever had, even after 6 years in the Navy (Guard force, reaction force, shore patrol, PRP Program). This was much better!!!"
-Bob Faulk, Computer Programmer

Front Sight's training is top-notch, and even something like rifle training can make you, your family and all of your loved ones much safer, should the need ever arise.

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