Get Your 16-Year-Old Something Nice For His Birthday: Shotgun Training

Imagine your 16-year-old son or daughter opening their present and saying, earnestly, "OH WOW!" Firearms Training Institute encourages families all over America to realize that a fun, educational and responsibility-increasing activity that the entire family can engage in is shotgun training. But perhaps shotgun training is a bit too loud. Maybe it's the fact that it feels like getting kicked or punched in the shoulder. Maybe the fact that the weapon can often feel like it weighs several pounds that turns one or one's family off of shotgun training.

So for those, why not get handgun training? Defensive handgun training not only shows an individual how to carry a firearm effectively and how to take down an oncoming attacker, but it also shows what responsibility is, and it demands complete and utter understanding of the seriousness of a gun and of taking life, and of ever considering touching a firearm, extremely useful data for a young person.

But if that sounds a bit extreme for your 8-year-old son or daughter, maybe the .22 marksmanship course sounds right. Gun training is fun for kids, probably more so than for adults, because kids are constantly told not to point their fingers like guns, not to pretend to shoot things, not to play war. So finally, they get to shoot a real gun, with real kick and see their efforts pay off on a Swiss-cheesed target paper!

Gun training is not only fun for everyone in the family, it's also appropriate. Maybe your 22-year-old daughter is moving to the city, and you want her to understand what a firearm feels like, when she should be fearful of a situation, and what she should expect from a gun if she ever sees one near her. Training is certainty is safety in life, so get your family gun training.

Front Sight offers handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, submachine gun training and armed and unarmed self defense for all ages and levels of expertise. Get your family trained and safe.

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