Actively Bringing Families Together

The following quote is from Forbes magazine: Tracy [19-year-old daughter], her red hair done up in a ponytail, says that what she likes best about a shooting vacation is that she gets "good Daddy-time." "When he says, 'Good job, Trace,' I'm euphoric." That's right, according to this Forbes article, there is a place where fathers and 19-year-old daughters can actually get along, where fathers can praise their children and not get a pair of rolled eyes.

What is this mystical place? Where could such a magical, enchanted fairy land exist? In fact, it's only about an hour away from Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a place called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and it is the nation's finest firearms training institute. Front Sight started off in California but moved to Nevada in about 2000, due to Nevada's fewer and lighter gun laws and restrictions. And for what the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. , had in mind, he would need as few restrictions as possible.

Front Sight is the world's first residential community anchored around not golf courses, pools or racquet courts, but firing ranges. The town of Front Sight is a 550-acre gated community with 20 state-of-the-art firing ranges, a five-story urban tactics tower, 1000-yard rifle range, an air strip and hundreds of yards of underground training grounds, designed for low-light gun training techniques, along with about 170 1-acre plots of residential plots. Dr. Ignatius Piazza sees Front Sight as the safest city in America's future. He foresees no violent crime, no murder, no problems, because each of the citizens will be armed and have received the most responsible firearms training extant.

But one doesn't have to be a resident of Front Sight to train there, in fact most aren't. Take the Tibbetts, who come from Arizona with the whole family. As mentioned in the Forbes article, the Tibbetts have a wonderful time, with all of their kids interested in what they're doing (getting firearms training) and having a great time of it!

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