Ignatius Piazza - The Ultimate Family Mediator

Families from all over America flock to Firearms Training Institute every year, the place to get not only the world's finest gun training, but to spend a weekend together developing skills that they each have a personal desire for, for one reason or another. Featured in an article in Forbes magazine, the Tibbett family is one such example of a family spending its vacation time at Front Sight. Founder and director, Dr. , likes to call Front Sight "The Disneyland for Gun Owners". Funny enough, that's the other destination for the Tibbett family. According to the Forbes article, they switch annually between Disneyland and Front Sight. "It's hard to say which we like more," says Wayne Tibbetts, 49, a CPA and partner in a Mesa, Arizona tax firm.

Wayne first came in 2004 with his daughter Tracy, 19. The rest of the family soon followed. On a later weekend, he was attending with his wife, Kathleen, 43, daughters Tracy, 5, and Samantha, his brother George, and his mother-in-law, Janet Grimaldi. When the writer for Forbes asked Kathleen why they were so interested in getting Front Sight's gun training, she responded, "9/11 brought home our deep concerns for security. We wanted our kids to be able to protect themselves. I want Samantha to have 'stranger-danger' awareness. Of course, she's also having a good time."

And that is exactly what Dr. Ignatius Piazza expects and wants from his institute's gun training: increased awareness, and a good time. One of the first things that Dr. Piazza ever realized about firearms training is that it is only as valuable as it is useful, and for him, if he can get a child to be better safeguarded against potential attackers or abductors, he knows he has done his one first step to protecting that child.

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