Gun Training is Your Friend, And Your Family's Friend

Ask an American this question: why get gun training? The average American might respond with something as simple as, "So that you can be a better hunter." Some might tell you it's because you need to know such things. Others might just say that guns are evil, kill children, go off at a moment's notice, without any provocation and are the source of most of the problems in today's society. I think we who are sane can all identify which of these responses is most wrong. The cadre of professional staff at Firearms Training Institute have dealt with people like that their entire professional career.

Some of the instructors at Front Sight, the nation's largest gun training institute, are ex-military. I think we can all think, at one time or another, that we've had to stand up for our troops, even if we didn't agree with the war. Military personnel are very well-acquainted with distrust and dislike of their profession. Some of the instructors at Front Sight are police officers, both former and active. The police officers are also familiar with those who hate them just for the sake of standing for the place of justice and righteousness. But all the professional trainers at Front Sight know that gun training isn't wrong and that anyone who thinks that guns in general, or safe, effective, responsible firearms training is wrong are completely out of their minds.

Front Sight is an excellent example of what happens when you get professional individuals together around a common, pro-survival goal and pump ethical, responsible, able individuals and leadership into it. Front Sight is quite young as far as most gun training schools go, and yet it delivers firearms training to more students every year than all other shooting schools in the nation combined.

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