All the Family Gets In on Handgun Training at Front Sight

(Ignatius Piazza, Founder)

Handgun training falls under firearms training just as easily as shotgun training, rifle training and submachine gun training do. Many Americans can understand this aspect of training - that handgun training is a necessary part of firearms training, but not the reverse: shotgun training, rifle training and even submachine gun training are necessary parts of gun training.

At Firearms Training Institute, civilians are regularly shown the safest, most effective methods to using firearms to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, is what is known as a (TM), one of the most difficult certifications to achieve in the gun training industry. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is, then, a professional and expert in the field of firearms training.

So when he says that handgun training, rifle training and shotgun training are all forms of self defense training - it just happens to be training for when you are armed - people listen! Firearms training at Front Sight is handled as seriously as law school or medical school. Except instead of stuck-up professors and difficult tests, the lesson book is the manual for the weapon, and the test is a practical application of what you've learned about firearms and their use.

Additionally, when at Front Sight, one need never worry about a drill instructor-style training. The instructors at Front Sight are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but there because they want to be there and want to help others achieve the proficiency of arms that others before them have reached. While some of the individuals are ex-military, they're not aggressive, they're not rude, and they're not drill instructors, so every student is treated as such: an interested, able student. No wonder Front Sight trains more students than all other shooting schools in the nation combined, annually.

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